Whether it’s on the pitch, field, or in the classroom, Vincent Duhig gives everything he has in all activities. As a student at Gregory the Great Academy, Duhig worked hard to find success in all of his endeavors, no matter how mundane or how grand. That spirit of “hard things are worth doing” has powered him his whole life, and has carried over into the all-important search for college as well. That search for a place where he would not just receive an “easy diploma” finally led him to Christendom College — a place where he believes he will learn the discipline and focus that will form him for success.

Duhig, a native of Bowie, Maryland, is the second of his family to attend Christendom, following in the footsteps of his mother, Diane. Duhig is the latest in a long line of Greg’s alumni to attend Christendom after finishing studies at the men’s boarding school. The school, located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, is known for its well-balanced structure of prayer, study, and good fun that they believe creates a truly good lifestyle. When looking for a college, Duhig wanted to attend a school that shared the same values and strove to create the same lifestyle for students. Two sessions at the Experience Christendom Summer Program convinced him that Christendom was the place for that.

Duhig, a native of Bowie, Maryland, is the second of his family to attend Christendom.

“My boarding school, Gregory the Great Academy, has taught me to appreciate the hard parts of my life,” says Duhig. “Difficult times and experiences challenge the soul and strengthen it. From what I know of Christendom, its curriculum is difficult. It won’t be an easy diploma. But I will be better for having fought through it and mastered myself. I will learn to disciple myself more than I ever have before. And this will help me through the rest of my life. The deeply Catholic content and purpose of the curriculum will form me, so that my roots in the faith will deepen.”

When searching for a school, another important aspect to Duhig was the strength of the soccer and rugby teams. Greg’s is known for its highly competitive, state-championship winning rugby team — a team that Duhig has successfully played on for a number of years. In addition to his talent there, Duhig has played soccer for ten years, and was even invited to practice with West Ham United, an English Premier soccer team, when he was 14. Duhig sees both teams as exceptionally well coached at Christendom, and hopes to be a valuable contribution to Christendom’s National Championship-winning athletics upon his arrival.

Duhig has attended Gregory the Great Academy the past few years, and was on the state championship winning rugby team this year.

College is a place that sets you on a course for the rest of your life. It’s for that reason that Duhig cared so much about choosing the right place to attend college, and why he felt Christendom was right for him. When he arrives, he plans on majoring in mathematics, deepening his knowledge of that subject and the rest of the liberal arts while he works on impacting his life and others for the better.

For all of high school, Duhig was worked hard to lead a well-balanced life, with help from Gregory the Great Academy. That journey will continue for him this fall, and he could not be more excited.

Duhig is excited to bring his love for rugby and soccer to Christendom, a college that has found success in both sports.

“I want to attend Christendom College for many reasons, including fun, affordability, and good friends, but ultimately I think studying here will form me as a whole person better than any other school, and will properly equip me to know, love and serve God in this world so that I can be happy with him in the next,” concludes Duhig.

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