Christendom’s student life office leadership team has seen some changes over the summer. Acting in a new position of leadership for the student life office is former director of residence life Amanda Graf, who is now in a newly created position of director of student affairs. Taking over the newly revised position of dean of students is Tim Judge, while Christa McMahon has been selected as the new director of residence life.

Amanda Graf (left) is the new director of student affairs; Tim Judge (center) is the dean of students; Christa McMahon (right) is the director of residence life.

In her newly created role, Graf will oversee all the student life departments, which includes residence life, student activities, athletics, the residential aspects of the junior semester in Rome, the office of mission and outreach, the nurse’s office, and the chaplaincy. She will handle large projects like re-accreditation and the annual work plan, and will ultimately be responsible for overseeing and implementing the plan for student conduct and formation.

Christa McMahon, formerly the assistant director of campus ministry at Marymount University, will take over Graf’s former position as director of residence life. She will focus primarily on the residence halls and resident assistants in the role, while Graf will take on many of the position’s former administrative tasks, freeing McMahon to spend more time on student formation and conduct. McMahon also previously worked as the director of residence life at Ave Maria University, her alma mater.

Tim Judge, a former FOCUS ministry and youth minister will step into the newly refigured position of dean of students. The dean will no longer oversee all the departments in student life, as he had previously been the case under Dean Vander Woude, who is now an athletic director at a DC area high school. Under the new structure, the dean of students will focus on building relationships with students, providing opportunities for formation, enforcing the code of conduct, and handling the day-to-day needs of the students.

In addition to these changes, former residence director Marilyn Charba ’14 has moved into the role of director of student activities, formerly held by long-time employee Caitlin Bowers ’09, where she will oversee all club and student events. Three recent Christendom alumni are also joining the team, with Tim Cook ’17 and Alexandra Skuba ’17 as the new residence directors, and Elizabeth Rensch ’17 as the new women’s Rome residence coordinator.

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