Twenty-one graduate students earned their Master of Arts in theological studies from Christendom College’s graduate school on August 5, while three earned their Advanced Apostolic Catechetical Diplomas.

During the ceremony, each graduate received the academic hood from graduate school dean Dr. R.J. Matava, before receiving their diploma from vice president for academic affairs Dr. Greg Townsend.

The twenty-one members of the graduating class, along with faculty.

Graduate David Booz delivered the valedictory address, encouraging his fellow graduates to use the knowledge they gained in the classroom to better the relationships and world around them.

“The knowledge we gained is to help us live out our primary vocation, the call to holiness, as well as whatever our secondary vocations may be,” said Booz. “So, use this knowledge to be a better priest, a better religious sister, a better teacher, catechist, father, mother, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, friend, Christian by sharing the knowledge and love of God we have received through our studies with the people in our lives. That is what the faculty of Christendom does, that is what the saints did, that is what we are to do.”

David Booz delivered the valedictory address.

The twenty-one masters of arts degrees were conferred on David Booz, Rev. Joseph Mary Brown, Olivia Colville, Michael Evans, Christopher Fencl, Anthony Fernandes, Roberto Funes, Robert Gillespie, Lora Gonder, Brendan Graves, David Jaswa, Maribeth Kelly, Joseph Kwiatkowski, Eneyda Martinez, Iris Pollock, Sr. Mary Michael Reiss, Beatriz Bueno, Scott Roy, Irene Schneider, Rev. Joseph Tran, and Patrick Tunnell II.

Advanced Apostolic Catechetical Diplomas were awarded to Anthony Fernandez, Maribeth Kelly, and Scott Roy.

For more information about Christendom’s faith, flexible, and affordable graduate school offerings, please visit graduate.christendom.edu.

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