Bridget Duffy is a born leader. A high schooler from Massachusetts, she has already proven her strength and intelligence in a variety of roles, from the classroom, to the basketball court, to the fight for a pro-life America. She seems destined for great accomplishments, making the all-important college decision a crucial one in her young life. Where she went could either help her continue to grow into an even greater leader, or stunt her into a different path. With that in mind, Duffy worked hard to choose the school where she felt she could continue to nurture her faith, education, and social life properly, ultimately deciding upon one in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia: Christendom.

Duffy kept her schedule jam-packed in high school, serving as the president of her school’s National Honor Society, playing on the basketball team, and more. Her passion for the pro-life movement was especially important to her in high school, and she used her passion and natural leadership qualities to lead the school’s Pro-Life League as president and even captain a 5K-road race for the benefit of Problem Pregnancy. She plans on staying just as busy when she arrives at Christendom.

Duffy (center, in pink) was a Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship finalist at Christendom. She’s excited to deepen her faith and her education at the school this fall.

“My contribution to the college will be the best use of the talents God has given me, so that I may acquire the best experience I can in the next four years,” says Duffy. “This will involve active participation in all that Christendom offers, including classes, sports, and pro-life service. Such is a continuation of what I have done and still do in high school. I wish to contribute my all in everything I do at Christendom.”

Duffy follows in the footsteps of her brother, Joseph, who also attended Christendom. She hopes to follow in his footsteps in more ways than one, continuing his reputation of being an excellent student in and outside of the classroom. She plans on majoring in English language and literature, taking advantage of the college’s liberal arts education to become a smarter and more articulate member of society.

America, and the world, needs strong leaders who can bring the Catholic faith and its teachings to the society at large. At Christendom, Duffy plans on exploring her full potential and growing into such a leader, impacting the world for the better as a result.

“To many people the question is often posed: where do you see yourself in five, ten, fifteen years?” concludes Duffy. “I hope to be a stronger Catholic and a better student after my experience, and I believe Christendom can aid me in accomplishing my goal. I therefore hope to use the opportunities that Christendom offers to strengthen my Faith and support my academic career. I hope to gain a rich, rewarding experience in all the elements of the College. I wish to become a better human being in God’s eyes through my Christendom experience.”

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