Why do we go to college? Is it to get a specific education for a specific job?  Or, is it to develop the mind in such a way that it is ready to face any challenge, no matter the job? The former seems to be the obvious answer, but the latter has been the traditional purpose of a college education. Thinking only about getting a degree for a particular job is a very narrowing approach, resulting in a generation that is often left listless if that one job they studied for just doesn’t work out. Freshman Evan Aiello didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of his current generation, and instead selected a college that he believes will open up a myriad of doors for his future, while also feeling truly like home: Christendom.

Aiello, a native of Basking Ridge, New Jersey, is mature for his age, well spoken, and has a natural curiosity. He graduated from Sedes Sapientiae School, a Catholic private school, where he studied the liberal arts. The school exposed him to the idea of studying something that made his mind free, allowing him to think critically about a multitude of subjects. That exposure gave him the desire to continue that kind of education in college, and he looked far and wide for a school that would fulfill those needs. While he visited and applied to a variety of Catholic colleges and universities, he found that many of them just didn’t feel like home. Only one school achieved that feeling for him, a feeling he experienced during a week at Christendom.

Aiello (center) wanted a liberal arts education in college, and felt Christendom was the best place to receive it.

“The greatest motivation to apply to Christendom was my experience of the Experience Christendom Summer Program,” says Aiello. “It was nice to spend time with the counselors, the other students and alumni that were present that week, and all of the professors that we had interactions with contributed to the friendly environment and the almost inexplicable feeling of being at home.”

After his week at Christendom and visits to many other schools, Aiello chose Christendom as his college of choice, seeing it as one that could help him understand the true, the good, and the beautiful better than any other. The college’s robust financial aid program helped make this desire possible, with Aiello managing to secure a scholarship deal that made going to Christendom incredibly affordable.

“At some point during my search for the right school, I realized that, in a way, my heart already belonged to Christendom College.  So, from a financial perspective, I knew I had to make sure that the intention to attend Christendom would become a reality.  Thanks to the Scholarship Price Match Program, I now have a huge weight off of my shoulders for when I need to pay back this incredible school.”

Aiello has already joined the college’s National Champion rugby team, and plans on participating in many extracurriculars while at Christendom.

Now at Christendom, Aiello is excited to be taking his first steps toward achieving what he believes is the best education available. He’s settled into his classes, especially Introduction to Philosophy and Euclidean Geometry, amongst others, and is becoming a part of the college’s vibrant community life as well.  During high school, Aiello was noted for taking part in many different extracurricular activities including swimming, Boy Scouts, and youth ministry. Now at Christendom, Aiello has joined the school’s national championship-winning rugby team, the college’s beautiful choir and schola, and intends to get more involved in the swing dance club, Shield of Roses, and the theater programs when the time comes.

College can, and should, be a time for becoming the type of person who can impact society for the better. Christendom founder Dr. Warren H. Carroll founded the school for this reason and, forty years later, Aiello is the latest student to join the school for this purpose, impacting the school and eventually society for the better as a result.

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