Christendom senior and National Merit Scholarship finalist Joe Wilson has a dream to be a writer post-graduation. As a result, he took his first steps towards making that dream a reality this past summer, getting an internship at the National Journalism Center and getting placed as a journalist at WND (WorldNetDaily), writing stories that thousands read each day.

Wilson, a history major, has been interested in journalism for a long time. Growing up, like many of his generation, with the 24-hour cable news cycle, Wilson was exposed to journalism at a young age and was always fascinated by it. Nearing the end of his junior year and discerning his vocation, Wilson decided to give journalism a try. He came across the National Journalism Center, which has seen other Christendom alumni enter and leave as successes, and applied for a summer internship. He snagged the role, and began his new journey as a journalist.

WND has been online for twenty years, publishing news and opinion pieces.

“I found the National Journalism Center through a job fair the Career Development Office took us to last December,” says Wilson. “It was a perfect fit for what I wanted to do last summer. We learned many useful skills over the summer, including how to find stories, conduct interviews, and write with a deadline. We also heard from many great speakers, including Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Rick Santorum. It was an amazing experience which gave me essential skills for my future ambitions.”

Wilson was placed at WND for the summer as an outlet for his writing, and quickly began writing a variety of stories focusing on politics, pro-life issues, religion, and more. WND, a conservative news site, is widely read, giving Wilson a large audience for his work. By the end of the summer, Wilson wrote over thirty published articles, an accomplishment that few get while still in college.

“My Christendom education was essential in performing well at my internship. The research skills which I learned at Christendom, and the habit of citing everything scrupulously, made adapting to my job much easier. My liberal arts background gave me the tools I needed to read and understand different sources quickly and then to meet my deadlines in every instance,” says Wilson.

Wilson, a senior majoring in history, wants to be a writer after college. This internship went a long way in helping him to success.

Wilson is continuing to work as a freelance writer during his senior year, writing well-researched and creative pieces whenever he gets the opportunity. He hopes to continue pursuing this passing after college is complete, taking his Catholic worldview into the public square where it can make a difference.

Many people question the legitimacy of journalism in our times, with the phrase “fake news” now a part of the national lexicon. With writers like Wilson, committed to research and truth, joining the field, there is hope for honest reporting in the news becoming the norm again.

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