Alumni Catherine McFadden and Margaret Luckey will give the keys to their successes in nursing and counseling this coming Tuesday, October 3, in the latest “Life on Tap” networking event of the fall. Held at 7:30 p.m. in Christendom’s St. Kilian’s Café, the alumni will give insights and reflections on their career fields, and will be available for networking with students before and after the event. Refreshments will be provided, and all are invited to attend.

Catherine McFadden (left) and Margaret Luckey (right).

Catherine McFadden is a 2016 graduate of Christendom, majoring in philosophy. Since graduation, she has studied nursing at George Mason University as part of the college’s accelerated second-degree program. While highly competitive, McFadden managed to be accepted into the program thanks to her hard work in college.

Margaret Luckey is a pre-licensed professional counselor, located in Alexandria, Virginia. Specializing in a large variety of conditions, from depression, to grief, to mental health issues, Luckey is highly experienced, utilizing her Catholic faith to be a counselor and provider to some of the most broken in society.

Students, alumni, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend this, and all, “Life on Tap” networking events. Due to its popularity, all are encouraged to arrive early as well.

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