Felicity Fedoryka (’17), the Front Royal Pregnancy Center’s director of donor relations, had an idea – an idea to raise awareness for the center and to raise much-needed funds, while also inspiring those in the community to become an “everyday hero” and understand how their money can impact the lives of the unborn and the women in the local area.  And her idea worked, with the center raising 102% of its annual Walk for Life fundraising goal.

Pregnancy resource centers play a crucial role in the fight for life today. Through these centers, many troubled women receive counseling and advice from caring and compassionate people who give honest advice and present the confused women with options other than abortion. The Front Royal Pregnancy Center, founded by Christendom alumni over 25 years ago, is doing a great service to the community by offering counseling, clothing, and ultrasounds for pregnant women.

Fedoryka (center) at the Walk. Fedoryka, as director of donor relations for the pregnancy center, helped organize the event.

Fedoryka, who graduated summa cum laude in classics and early Christian studies, was actively involved with the college’s pro-life ministries as an undergraduate. When she graduated, she wanted to bring her passion for the pro-life cause into her career field and applied to work at the Front Royal Pregnancy Center. Soon enough, she was the donor relations manager, responsible for strengthening the fundraising program for the center and making it sustainable for years to come.

“I’ve always been invested in the pro-life cause, particularly aspects of it that focus on freeing women from the societal pressure and adverse circumstances that make them feel abortion is the only solution to their problems. When I interviewed at the Front Royal Pregnancy Center soon after graduation, I knew that I had found somewhere I could use my personal talents and skills to be a part of this fight against abortion and the exploitation of both the mother and the child. The FRPC helps the most vulnerable members of the community, not just materially but also emotionally and spiritually. As Mother Teresa said, “Love begins at home” and I am blessed to have the opportunity to help the FRPC bring Christ’s love to women, children, and families in my own hometown.”

The Walk raised over $80,000 this year, its largest amount raised ever.

Fedoryka is now part of a special legacy at the center. Following the example of their alma mater, the founding board decided to run the center strictly on donations so that they could also decline federal funding, thus only paying for the things that they believed were not only important, but also morally permissible.  The center continues to run in the same way, making Fedoryka’s job crucial.

One of the biggest fundraising efforts during the whole year comes in the annual Walk for Life, which Fedoryka now organizes. The center’s board set an impressive goal for the center this year: $80,000, the most ever attempted. Thanks to a video campaign titled “Be an Everyday Hero” and hours of hard work, the goal was not only met — it was exceeded. Fedoryka’s own team alone raised $7,685, with Christendom students and faculty/staff raising over $7000 as well, well over three times what they raised a year prior.

Some of the Christendom students who went on the Walk. Christendom students have raised funds and participated in the Walk since its inception.

These funds help the center keep going in its mission, and help it afford new equipment as well. Four years ago, the center was able to purchase an ultrasound machine thanks to these funds. Since its purchase, 95% of the women who come to the center and have ultrasounds choose to keep their baby.

Halting the evils of abortion starts in one’s own community, and Fedoryka is playing a large role in that fight. “One man can make a difference,” Christendom founder Dr. Warren H. Carroll famously said. Fedoryka is the latest in the 40 years of the college to follow that call, for the betterment of Front Royal and beyond.

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