Nationally recognized speaker, author, and apologist Gary Michuta will deliver a lecture based on his latest book, Hostile Witnesses, to Christendom College’s Graduate School of Theology this coming Thursday, October 26. Delving into Christianity’s most notorious foes and how surprising gospel truths can be drawn from their antagonistic words and deeds, the lecture will be held at the graduate school, located in Alexandria, Virginia, at 7:00 p.m.

Gary Michuta, a noted apologist and author, will speak on his new book, “Hostile Witnesses.”

Michuta’s new book, and subsequently his lecture to the Christendom community, examines the lives and events surrounding the Pharisees, the Crusaders, the Reformation, and more, presenting a parade of skeptics, heretics, pagan powers, and rival sects. Each takes a turn in the witness chair and gives an unexpected but compelling account in favor of Christ.

Michuta is the author of several books on apologetics, including Why Catholic Bibles are Bigger and Making Sense of Mary. Michuta has debated prominent anti-Catholic apologists over the years, and teaches online middle school and high school classes in apologetics. He is frequently a guest on such programs as Catholic Answers Live, the Son Rise Morning Show, Catholic Connection with Teresa TomeoKresta in the Afternoon, and EWTN’s Deep in Scripture and The Journey Home.

Christendom’s Graduate School of Theology is located at 4407 Sano Street, Alexandria, Virginia. To find out more about the graduate school and its offerings, please visit here.

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