During their four years at Christendom, students wrestle with some of the deepest questions and mysteries known to man: who is God, what is man, and what is man’s place in the Divine Plan, just to name a few. Senior Jack Lake is delving into one such theological question this semester for his senior thesis, examining the topic of Mary as the Mediatrix of all graces. While he could have simply researched and written his argument on the subject, Lake decided to take his work to the next level and delivered a public lecture on his thesis to the Christendom community.

Lake was inspired to give a public lecture by philosophy professor Mike Brown, who he visited multiple times over the past year to discuss his topic. Brown, taken aback by Lake’s knowledge, asked if he would be willing to deliver a public lecture. Lake jumped at the opportunity.

Lake, seen lecturing on the right, delivered a lecture on Mary, Mediatrix of Grace.

The lecture, and his thesis as a whole, gave Lake the opportunity to defend the dignity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and, as a result, the glory of her Son as well.

The doctrine of Mary as Mediatrix of all graces goes back for over two centuries. The teaching, similar to the one on Mary’s cooperation in the redemption, says that Mary, with and through her Son, is Mediatrix of all graces. This means that Mary, who was associated with her Son in acquiring grace for us, also shares with Him in distributing that grace to us.

At Christendom, students delve into such deep topics on a daily basis, both in the classroom and outside of it. Following Blessed John Henry Newman’s model for a liberal arts education, students engage with the greatest writings and thinkers of Western Civilization, developing the writing and communication skills necessary to succeed with theses, lectures, and more — whether they be at college or in the work force later. With this impressive time-tested education behind them, graduates are then able to succeed in graduate schools or employment and excel beyond their peers.

Lake’s impressive lecture, which lasted close to forty-five minutes, only treated one chapter of his greater thesis. One can only imagine how impressive the final product will be upon its completion at the end of the semester.

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