The primary aim of Christendom College is academic; but intellectual formation is never severed from spiritual, social, and personal formation. Just as the different disciplines are integrated in the Christendom curriculum, so too that curriculum is integrated with the rest of the student’s life at Christendom College. Education is furthered not only in the classroom but also in the chapel, at mealtime, in leisure time, and throughout the entire day as students converse with each other and with their professors. Christendom College is not merely a curriculum of courses: it is a season of life in which the whole person matures in wisdom, in virtue, and in ability – intellectually, morally, socially, and spiritually

To that end, Christendom has been offering talks for students outside of the classroom, focusing on a variety of issues relevant to them and their peers. Today’s students have these opportunities in spades, thanks to increased efforts by the college’s Student Life Office and the Chaplaincy. New chaplain Fr. Marcus Pollard has been especially proactive in that regard, starting a Tuesday night talk series that aims to help students better understand the Catholic Faith.

Fr. Marcus Pollard leads a Tuesday talk series focusing on different aspects of the Catholic faith.

The series, called “Tuesday Topics in Catholic Spirituality,” covers a wide swath of topics. From dealing with gossip and friendship to pursuing chastity, Fr. Pollard’s talks provide helpful advice, drawn from Catholic theology, that students are able to take into their day-to-day lives at the college, and ideally into their lives outside the college as well.

“Into the Deep” is a series focused on male formation on campus, with talks given by alumni and others.

The Student Life Office works hand-in-hand with those efforts, offering two different talk series this semester targeting the men and women of campus. The men’s formation series, titled “Into the Deep,” is led by dean of students Tim Judge and men’s residence director Tim Cook. Together, they offer a fun night for men, with great food and drink available, but always with a specific topic in mind to engage and challenge them. In the past few weeks, these topics have included dating, acts of charity, and more.

“At the Well” is a formation series focusing on the women of campus.

The women’s series, titled “At the Well,” works towards the same ends as “Into the Deep,” but with a specific focus on the women of campus. Mothers, religious sisters, and others can often be found at these events, offering talks or just mingling with women, providing them with advice and strong examples to aspire to. At both “At the Well” and “Into the Deep,” staff and faculty members can be found socializing with the students — a rarity on most college campuses, but a normality at Christendom.

The college was built to help students grow and become the next generation of great scholars, saints, and heroes. With these series available in tandem with classroom life, students have every opportunity to seize onto these possible futures and become the best version of themselves, for the betterment of their lives and Christendom as a whole.

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