“Calvary arrives at Falls Church Abortion Center,” claimed pro-life organization 40 Days for Life earlier this month, due to the fact that over 150 Christendom College students, faculty, and staff prayerfully protested abortion at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Falls Church, Virginia, as part of the college’s annual Mega Shield event.

The group, kneeling outside the clinic for hours, prayed numerous rosaries and sang hymns as onlookers watched and took pictures. These brave members of the Christendom community bore witness to the power of peaceful protest, as they simply prayed for the end of abortion and the salvation of souls.

Students lining the street outside a Falls Church, Virginia, abortion clinic.

Mega Shield is organized by members of Shield of Roses, the college’s longest-running club. The pro-life group travels out to the metropolitan D.C. area every Saturday morning to pray at a Planned Parenthood clinic, even offering counsel to those considering abortions. These trips bring together many students and staff each week, while the Mega Shield events often bring 30 to 50% of the college together.

Over the past few years, clinics prayed at by Christendom students have ended up closing down. One in Washington, D.C., which was prayed at by students for years closed down in 2015, while a clinic in Silver Spring, Maryland, closed down after a year of protests by Christendom students.

While other college students are often found sleeping or nursing hangovers on Saturday mornings, Christendom students are found standing up for the most innocent victims in society, every week during the semester. They are the future of the pro-life movement — if their example is any indication, then the movement has a fighting chance.

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