John O’Herron ’06 and Andrew Bodoh ’07 have been named to the Virginia Business Magazine’s list of Legal Elite, an annual list of top lawyers picked by their peers.

They join 32 other select appellate lawyers on this exclusive list, representing the “best of the best” amongst lawyers practicing in the Old Dominion.

O’Herron, who graduated magna cum laude with a history degree, attended the University of Richmond School of Law where he was the Allen Chair Editor for the University of Richmond Law Review, and a board member of the Client Counseling and Negotiation board. O’Herron’s current practice focuses on appellate litigation in both state and federal court, where he regularly represents individuals, businesses, and public officials at both the trial and appellate levels on a wide range of issues, including wills and trusts, civil rights, and local government law.  He joined ThompsonMcMullan after clerking with the Honorable Chief Justice Cynthia D. Kinser at the Supreme Court of Virginia, where he routinely reviewed petitions for appeal, researched issues for appellate review, and assisted in drafting and editing opinions. During his time clerking, O’Herron grew to appreciate the unique skills necessary for great appellate advocacy on which he bases his practice today.

O’Herron (left) and Bodoh (right) have been named to the Virginia Business Magazine’s list of Legal Elite, an annual list of top lawyers picked by their peers.

O’Herron, who is the youngest son of one of Christendom College’s founding faculty members, Mr. Raymund O’Herron, and his wife live in Richmond with their five children where, in addition to his law practice, currently serves as the Founding President of Cardinal Newman Academy, an independent high school in Richmond.

Bodoh, who graduated summa cum laude with a double major in history and political science, attended Ave Maria School of Law in Naples. He graduated in 2010 magna cum laude, after serving as the Editor and Chief of the Ave Maria Law Review, and distinguishing himself as the best oral advocate in the 2010 intramural trial competition.  After passing the Virginia bar exam, he practiced in Fredericksburg, Virginia, before joining the law firm of Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, P.C., where he represents clients in civil and criminal law as well as in bankruptcy matters. Bodoh has distinguished himself as a creative litigator in cases involving Constitutional law and civil rights, insurance coverage, appeals, and defamation. He also regularly represents citizens in cases involving the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which governs citizens’ access to public records and public meetings in Virginia. He is the author of A Virginian’s Guide to FOIA (2015), is a member of the Chesterbelloc Debate Society at Christendom College, serves as elected President on the Board of Directors for the Ave Maria Alumni Association, is a fellow with the Blackstone Legal Fellowship with the Alliance Defense Fund, a member of the Knights of Columbus, and is married with one child.

O’Herron and Bodoh are two of the many Christendom College alumni who have entered the field of law. Alumni have been accepted to a variety of law schools, including the University of Notre Dame, Georgetown, University of Virginia, George Mason University, William and Mary, and many others.  The time-tested liberal arts education they received enabled them to do well in law school and to, oftentimes, excel beyond their peers.  The extensive core curriculum, with its focus on reading, research, and writing has proven to be a great asset to them as they pursue their juris doctorate degrees.

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