Christendom students love music, whether that be listening to it or performing it. Students put the former on display in grand style on Sunday, December 10, with the Crusader Chamber Orchestra entertaining, moving, and wowing at their annual Winter Concert.

The student-run orchestra was formed in 2015, and has continued to grow in talent and size in the years since. Featuring students performing a multitude of instruments, including violin, clarinet, piano, percussion, flute, trumpet, and more, the group has continued to draw larger and larger crowds with each concert, requiring them to move to larger venues each year.

The Winter Concert marked their most successful performance yet, as the students performed classical, Christmas, and cinema pieces. The students practiced these pieces in their moments of free time in the weeks leading up to the end of the semester, all at their own behest. Unlike at other colleges, the chamber orchestra is not a class students take for credit. Rather, it is done out of passion, with every student who participates giving of their valuable time to rehearse and perform with their fellow students.

See videos from the concert here.

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