Going on the March for Life each year is a part of the life of every Christendom student. Since the college’s beginning, it has cancelled classes on the day of the March to attend the annual event in Washington, D.C. College Founder Dr. Warren Carroll believed that it was part of the mission of the college to make a point of standing for life and fighting for the rights of the unborn, so getting the entire community to travel to D.C. for the event was essential. On January 19, 2018, the college will continue that tradition when all of its students, along with faculty and staff, travel into the Nation’s Capital to prayerfully fight for the rights of the most innocent in society.

Christendom has been attending the March since its founding.

For freshman Christiana Fedoryka, this will be her first time going on the March. She is excited at the opportunity she is being given, thanks to Christendom cancelling classes on Friday.

“I’m excited about the March because it seems like a really cool coming together of thousands of Catholics, all for the same reason: to defend the lives of the unborn. I know it’s going to be a good experience, and I am looking forward to participating with the college each year over the coming years,” she said.

Fedoryka is not the first member of her family to make a stand for life. Her sister, alumna Felicity Fedoryka, ran a fundraiser for the Front Royal Pregnancy Center last fall, raising 102% of its annual Walk for Life fundraising goal in the process.

Christendom’s students and alumni are known for their fervent pro-life stance. Every Saturday morning, students go into the metropolitan D.C. area to protest abortion at a Planned Parenthood Clinic. They offer sidewalk counseling as well, and do their best to bring change to the lives of those considering abortion. Students have founded other pro-life clubs on campus as well, including ones that travel to other college campuses to educate students about the pro-life message.

Christendom has been asked to lead the March for Life four times — the only college to be given this great honor.

For this reason, Christendom has been asked to lead the March for Life four times — the only college to be given this great honor. The students’ desire to bring change to America continues after graduation as well, with many students joining pro-life organizations such as Live Action, crisis pregnancy centers, and also law offices that directly deal with pro-life cases.

The March for Life is a crucial event each year for Christendom. Cancelling classes is a direct statement to those who support Roe v. Wade, and also to those who are against it: Christendom will not stand by and let the voices of the unborn go unanswered.

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