Christendom has a track record of educating its students in a time-tested, liberal arts education that enables its alumni to work in any field possible. Many alumni have chosen to enter the business, law, marketing, education, and financial fields, but the number of alumni who have chosen to enter the medical profession is also on the rise. One need only look to Fairfax Hospital in Northern Virginia to find at least four Christendom alumni serving on the floors there. Looking a little further south at the University of Virginia hospital, the top hospital in the state, another alumna was just hired on after finishing an accelerated nursing program, graduating at the top of her class. To outsiders, this may not make sense: how can a liberal arts college prepare students so well for nursing? According to a new article in the Register and Bee, it’s because the liberal arts makes them better at their jobs caring for patients.

Christendom has seen many alumni become nurses after graduation. The liberal arts is a big reason for their success, according to a recent article (Photo, right: College of Nursing Florida Atlantic University).

In the article, Pamela Giles, dean of the School of Nursing at Averett University, points out that nurses work in a complex world that is not getting any simpler. Every day, they have to communicate with people who may not speak their language, come up with solutions to clinical problems, know how to work through ethical issues, and make sure they are doing everything in the best interest of their patients. This is a lot to cover, but having a liberal arts background helps abundantly.

“We need nurses who can think through problems, not just remember information,” writes Giles. “And the wonderful thing about joining nursing education with a liberal arts education is that the combination produces a health professional who can quickly think through and make sound clinical decisions, and then communicate them to the patient, their families, and other health professionals in a way that everyone understands.”

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