With the cost of college getting higher each year, Christendom is making its education more affordable for families through a number of initiatives. One of the more popular of these initiatives is its annual full-tuition scholarship competition. In past years, the college has awarded two of the best candidates the full-tuition scholarship. This year, there will now be three winners, along with 5 runner ups, with the remaining competitors receiving a scholarship for making the trip to campus to participate.

For senior Morgan Witt and junior Nate Reyes, winning these awards made Christendom not just affordable — it made the possibility of attaining the education they wanted most a reality.

Senior Morgan Witt won the Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship four years ago.

For Witt, it’s now been four years since she discovered she was one of the winners of the scholarship competition. After being invited to participate, she impressed the panel of judges in her personal interview, eventually winning one of the two scholarships that year.

An avid writer, Witt only applied to Christendom for college. Without a college fund, Witt was banking everything on obtaining a substantial, if not full-tuition scholarship, in order to attend — otherwise, she would need to take some time off to work and save up funds before going to college. Winning the competition changed everything for her, and she believes that she would not be the person she is today without the scholarship and Christendom.

Witt (left), an avid writer, believes that being accepted to Christendom changed her life.

“When I applied to Christendom, I dearly wanted to attend but knew that a full-tuition scholarship would be the only way I could afford higher education at an excellent, Catholic school,” says Witt. “Winning the Padre Pio scholarship not only made my dream for my future possible, but also bolstered my confidence that, with hard work, I can achieve whatever I strive for. The nearly four years I’ve studied and lived at Christendom have introduced me to many unforeseeable blessings: brilliant academic mentors, countless friends, a strong arsenal of skills for a career in publishing, and even the wonderful man I’m going to marry this summer. My life would be unimaginably different and much less rich had I not been helped by the generosity of the scholarship donors.”

Junior Nate Reyes wanted a liberal arts education for college. Winning the full-tuition scholarship made that possible.

Reyes, currently studying in Rome for the semester, feels similarly to Witt. After attending Seton School in Manassas, Virginia, for high school, he sought a solid liberal arts education that would challenge him to grow in a variety of studies rather than limiting him to one field. Christendom, where his father, Dr. Jonathan Reyes, had taught previously, seemed like the perfect fit. Winning the full-tuition scholarship answered his college question and Reyes has been taking full advantage of his time there ever since. From performing in plays to studying toward a major in political science, Reyes is grateful for the opportunity to study and grow at the college that was given to him through winning the scholarship competition

Being at Christendom has also given Reyes an outlet for his other passions, including theater.

“From early on in my college search, the idea of receiving a solid undergraduate formation in the liberal arts had a certain draw on me,” says Reyes. “However, it was not until I was awarded the Padre Pio Scholarship that such an education became a financial reality. Every one of the blessings that have come to me from my Christendom education, therefore, are due in a significant way to this generous gift.”

People are hungry for an education that will give the tools to not just succeed in life but thrive in it. Studying the time-tested liberal arts in Christendom’s Catholic environment have made Witt and Reyes not just better scholars, but better people as a whole.

Find out more about this year’s competition here.

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