Many Christendom students will spend their spring breaks traveling abroad on mission trips, helping the impoverished in Ireland, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.

Christendom students will embark on mission trips to Ireland, Peru, and the Dominican Republic over spring break. (Credit: Nicole Feldman)

This is the nineteenth year of Christendom’s mission trip program, which has sent over a thousand students abroad so far. While students have helped in the Dominican Republic and Peru before, this is the first year they will be traveling to Ireland. They will be working primarily in Dublin, evangelizing to the citizens there about the evils of abortion before Ireland votes this spring on whether to appeal Ireland’s 8thAmendment, which prohibits abortion in the country. They will also be working with the homeless and at a soup kitchen.

In Lima, Peru, students will partner with a Creatio mission to help install steps into the side of hill, enabling residents to get up and down their mountain more easily. This is the third consecutive trip for students to Peru, where they have helped install steps in the past. The hills are treacherously steep in Lima so having the stairs there makes it easier for crucial needs, such as bringing water to homes, to be fulfilled.

When students arrive in Banica, Dominican Republic, they will encounter a familiar face: Fr. Stephen McGraw, the college’s former chaplain. Students have been traveling to Banica since the start of the mission trip program, and they will be helping with manual labor in the area. In the past, the students have built small chapels, installed concrete floors, built latrines, and more.

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