Society is in the middle of an unprecedented transformation. Advances in technology have pushed us into the reality of AI, and put what it means to be human under the microscope. While these technological breakthroughs might be putting STEM majors in demand, it’s liberal arts majors who are needed now, more than ever, during this time of transformation, according to a new article from Quartz.

Liberal arts leaders can be found throughout the tech industry, and are crucial to its future.

Written by Tim Marshall, provost for The New School, the article examines today’s current socio-technical transformation and the common criticisms of liberal arts majors in it. While some might claim they are outdated, one quick look at the top tech leaders today — including the founders of LinkedIn, Flickr, Slack, and the CEO of YouTube — reveals that they are all liberal arts majors. Liberal arts aren’t a thing of the past — they are necessary for understanding how to respond to the future.

“The capacity to understand the constraints and opportunities that are presented during times of transformation is key,” writes Marshall. “This requires insight, perspective, self-reflection, and an entrepreneurial sensibility—all qualities taught in liberal-arts education.”

Read the full article here.

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