It doesn’t take more than a quick Google search to discover a little-known fact about many of today’s business leaders: they’re liberal arts majors. From Disney to YouTube to Chipotle, the leaders of the biggest brands consistently have degrees in history, philosophy, English language, and other recognized liberal arts degrees. For Christendom students interested in business after graduation, this is an encouraging sign. For senior Jacob DeVos, it’s more than a sign — it’s his future, as he is already accepted and ready to attend the Busch School of Business at the Catholic University of America following his graduation this May.

DeVos, a political science and economics major, wants to bring ethics and charity back into the business world.

DeVos has had an attraction to business for a long time. The intricacies of how a business operates fascinated him growing up, leading him to choose political science and economics as his college major after his sophomore year at Christendom, while also pursuing a theology minor. His fascination continued to deepen as he delved into his coursework, and he eventually began considering business as a possible career. With help from the college’s career office and from the faculty, DeVos applied and was eventually accepted to the Busch School of Business, where he intends to pursue an M.S. in business analysis.

“When people think of businessmen in today’s culture, the words ‘ethical,’ or ‘charitable’ don’t often come to mind,” says DeVos. “Sensing this, I believe God is calling me to pursue a career in business to change those sentiments and to in fact ‘restore all things in Christ’ through my participation in the secular business world. What attracted me to apply to the Busch School was the fact that they teach business through the scope of Catholic Social Doctrine with a deep respect for the dignity of the human person. I will be able to round out the knowledge and values that I have received from my liberal education, while gaining practical skills to help me in the business world.”

DeVos will attend the Busch School of Business at the Catholic University of America this fall, taking his next step towards his larger goal.

His educational background will give DeVos an edge in business school, but the rest of his time at Christendom will as well. When he’s not deep into his studies, DeVos has proven his leadership skills as a resident assistant, a student ambassador, and as the college’s operations office manager and foreman. This soft skill is key to success in business, and one that employers are in desperate need of. DeVos hopes to continue honing it and other skills while at business school and beyond.

“During my time at business school I hope to continue to build a solid network of peers, gain even more practical skills that will help me in the long run, and start affecting change in how people view businessmen in today’s society,” concludes DeVos.

College has helped form and prepare DeVos for the world after graduation. Business school will take him that next step, as he looks forward to advancing the Catholic mission of respect for the human person and charity towards others in the business world.

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