Christendom alumni raised close to $400,000 in new monthly donations for the college in its first annual alumni giving day. Generating over 700 monthly donors for the newly created Carroll Fund, the funds will go towards supporting financial aid, counseling and spiritual development, career services, athletics, and faculty and staff salaries.

Giving Day resulted in close to $400,000 raised for the college.

“When we started developing the idea of an alumni giving day in honor of our founder, Dr. Warren Carroll, our goal was to try and generate 200 monthly donors for a new, alumni-driven fund,” says Karla Hester, chairwoman of Christendom’s alumni advisory council. “The sheer enthusiasm of our alumni base blew our expectations away, resulting in donations that will help critical areas of our alma mater and continue the vision of our founder for years to come. We could not be more proud of our alumni and excited for the future.”

The giving day was the brainchild of the alumni advisory council, a group made up of alumni from across the college’s forty year history. Together with representatives from each of the college’s graduating classes, the council rallied alumni around the world over a 24-hour period, resulting in over 700 alumni donors and $387,613 dollars raised.

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