For most colleges in America, May 1 is “Decision Day,” where students make their final decision about which college they will attend in the fall.  It is at this time that most colleges can make a true assessment of whether they will meet their target enrollment goals for the coming year, so for some, May 1 can be a very scary date.  Christendom’s goal for the fall is 498 students, a modest increase from its fall 2017 enrollment, but a huge growth from the fall of 2012, where the college had a mere 388 students.  The 28% growth in student enrollment over the past 5 years is unprecedented in today’s economic climate, where most colleges are struggling to meet their previous year’s enrollment, yet year after year, the college records record growth.  This year, after passing the May 1 deadline, the college is confident that it will meet its lofty enrollment goals once again.

Christendom is on track for record enrollment this fall.

“There are some very interesting statistics about this incoming freshman class,” says VP for enrollment Tom McFadden. “but one I want to highlight is the fact that 53% of the deposits for the fall are men.  I think that we have been able to get our message across to these young men that they have an important role to play in restoring of all things in Christ, and in order to fulfill God’s call to greatness in them, they need to be educated in the timeless truths of the Catholic liberal arts, and associate themselves with people of faith, virtue, and purpose. And Christendom is the best place for them to become the men that God is calling them to be.”

According to McFadden, the incoming class currently has an impressive average SAT score of 1300 – up 60 points over last year’s incoming class score of 1240.  There are two National Merit Scholarship Finalists in the class, and 62% of them are receiving academic scholarships to the college.  Twenty percent are children of alumni, 42% have siblings who currently or previously attended, and 65% attended one of the Experience Christendom Summer Program sessions.

Although the college is on track to meet its enrollment goals this fall, the admissions office is still accepting applications from transfer students and first-time freshmen.  The college’s unique Scholarship Price Match Program, which seeks to make a Christendom education as affordable as possible, is still in full effect, and academic scholarships and financial aid are still available for qualified students.

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