Christendom College students are very active in the pro-life movement. They pray outside of abortion clinics weekly, take part in the March for Life in DC, and work with the local alumni-founded pregnancy center in Front Royal to raise necessary funds.  Recently, the pregnancy center announced that the Christendom students raised over $800 during Lent. The students, who raise thousands each year for the center in its annual Walk for Life, ran a baby bottle campaign across campus, collecting dollar bills and coins that all went directly to the center and its efforts.

Students raised funds for the local pregnancy center over Lent.

“Christendom students always show up in force for the Walk for Life, but they support the FRPC all year round, as we discovered this Lent,” said the center. “Many thanks, and we are blessed to have the support of so many passionate and dedicated young men and women.”

The Front Royal Pregnancy Center was founded by Christendom alumni over 25 years ago, and offers counseling, clothing, and ultrasounds for pregnant women. Following Christendom’s model, the center runs solely on donations, making these generous contributions from Christendom students that much more meaningful.

This past fall, Christendom students raised over $7,000 for the center during its Walk for Life, which brought in over $80,000 for the center and its mission.

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