Rising Christendom College seniors Tamlyn Sheng and Maria Pogue are getting excellent resume building experiences in D.C. this summer, working as marketing and publicity interns for leading conservative book publisher Regnery Publishing. Although many might imagine that only those majoring in marketing would be able to get one of these highly sought-after internships, both Sheng and Pogue have found that their liberal arts education has given them a real advantage.

“While other students may seek to pursue a degree specializing in marketing or public relations, I find that the liberal arts courses that I have taken have prepared me just as well to excel in those fields,” says Pogue. “Being a literature major and a political science minor has given me the knowledge and skills required to succeed at a politically conservative publishing company like Regnery. The nature of the Christendom education as well as my involvement with the student magazine, The Rambler, has helped me develop the skills marketing requires, such as research, writing and identifying significance.”

Maria Pogue (left) and Tamlyn Sheng (right) are both interning for the summer at Regnery Publishing.

Sheng and Pogue both interviewed with Regnery, the only book publisher based and located in Washington, D.C., during the spring semester. With help from Christendom’s career office and bolstered by their education and their personal drives, Sheng and Pogue both earned summer internships with the company. They are working in marketing and publicity, fields that each has a keen interest in.

At the company, daily life is busy and exciting. Each day often has a new task, requiring creativity, timeliness, and impact. Whether it is writing press releases, creating press kits, or writing sales pitches for the marketing or publicity teams, the two Christendom students are gaining a unique professional
experience at Regnery — and meeting some famous figures along the way.

Just last week, Second Lady of the United States Karen Pence stopped by the office and said hello to Sheng and Pogue. With former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Vice President of the United States Mike Pence, and former Press Secretary Sean Spicer among Regnery’s many clients, it is possible that the two of them will get to meet and work with even more high-profile figures before their internships are over.

Regnery is a leading conservative publisher, and the only book publisher based and located in D.C.

Prior to the internship, both Sheng and Pogue worked in Christendom’s marketing office, with Sheng working as a marketing office reporter and Pogue working as a section editor and editor-in-chief of the college’s yearbook. They feel that the time spent in that office and the experiences offered by it honed their interest in marketing, and helped give them the necessary qualifications to land their current internships.

“Before attending Christendom, I knew I had a love for creating and photography, but I had never considered taking that interest and turning it into a career,” says Sheng. “It wasn’t until I began to work in Christendom’s marketing department that I saw marketing as a potential avenue. With the mentorship I received from both the director of marketing, Niall O’Donnell, and public relations specialist, Zach Smith, I was able to develop my photography skills and hone my desire to create. Since attending Christendom, I have found that the liberal arts enables students to foster innovation and originality, allowing them to think outside the box. Christendom has equipped students from all disciplinary backgrounds with an enquiring mind and open interest in the pursuit of truth that sets them up for success.”

Marketing is a constantly evolving field in today’s digital age, demanding workers who can keep up with the times and communicate ideas in a manner that is both distinctive and attractive. As they enter their senior year this fall, both Pogue and Sheng plan to continue working for the college’s marketing office and hope to pursue a variety of careers in the marketing field post-graduation. With the universality of their liberal arts education paired with the professional experiences they are gaining this summer, Sheng and Pogue look to be exactly the kind of workers that marketing offices are seeking, now more than ever.

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