Eighteen graduate students earned their Master of Arts in theological studies from Christendom College’s graduate school on August 4, while three also earned their Advanced Apostolic Catechetical Diplomas.

During the ceremony, each graduate received the academic hood from graduate school dean Dr. R.J. Matava, after receiving their diploma from vice president for academic affairs Dr. Greg Townsend.

Graduate Christopher Lofton delivered the valedictory address, inspiring his fellow graduates to be lifelong learners and to evangelize in the world.

“I don’t want this to be something that we think is ending, by attaining this degree. It must be something that we continue to do, by continuing to learn and contemplate God,” said Lofton. “We need to take what we learned here and share it with others.”

Valedictorian Christopher Lofton.

The eighteen masters of arts degrees were conferred on Matthew Anderson, Klarissa Blank, Christina Bongiovanni, Rev. Michael Bower, Michele Bueno, Marie Ferman, John Goodloe, Sister Aracely Larategui Melara, Sister Anne Francis Ai Le, Jon Lindstrom, Christopher Lofton, Camila Malta, Andrew Garza, John Stanmeyer, Kyle Stewart, Barbara Stuart, Juan Rios, and Laura Whitehead.

Advanced Apostolic Catechetical Diplomas were awarded to Klarissa Blank, Christiana Bongiovanni, and Sr. Aracely Larategui Melara.

For more information about Christendom’s faith, flexible, and affordable graduate school offerings, please visit graduate.christendom.edu.

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