Theology chairman Dr. Matthew Tsakanikas was featured on Vatican News, speaking on the 25th anniversary of Pope St. John Paul II’s landmark encyclical, Veritatis splendor. Digging deeply into the text, Tsakanikas emphasized the encyclical’s emphasis on the importance of a moral life and its necessity for all in the Church, both lay and religious.

Speaking with Vatican News correspondent Christopher Wells, Tsakanikas discussed three key points from the encyclical, starting with the call for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

“That means that we are loved by God, that faith in Christ enables us to live a moral life, because we believe in God’s love for us,” said Tsakanikas.

Tsakanikas also discussed the encyclical’s point of God wanting our good, and also that there are intrinsically evil actions that can never lead to true happiness.

Read the full story and hear the radio segment here.

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