Christendom alumni work in every imaginable field – business, education, healthcare, finance, marketing, architecture, and everything in between.  And what enables them to transition into the varied diverse fields is the broad-based, time-tested liberal arts education they received at Christendom.

Alumnus Jeremy Minick.

Two of those alumni are Jeremy Minick and Lawrence Urgo — successful business owners from the Class of 2016. Both returned to Christendom to speak on how they found their success in the first Life on Tap alumni networking event of the fall, giving the students present insight into how what they are learning at Christendom can be applied to their futures afterwards.

Urgo, who owns and has founded multiple businesses, spoke on the adversities he has overcome to find the success and peace he has today. When Urgo arrived at Christendom, he struggled to adjust to the college lifestyle. While he loved the college, he did not want to study, leading to his eventual dismissal, at the very same time he had lost his then-job. That moment changed his life and led him to appreciate more what Christendom had given him. It also led him to his passion: entrepreneurship. Urgo delved into the details and demands of being an entrepreneur, while also encouraging students to talk to everyone on campus, focus on improving their moral and spiritual selves, and take advantage of their liberal arts education.

Minick, like Urgo, is also a successful entrepreneur. Minick started Enable Web Design, a marketing firm, while a junior in college — a decision that gave him a head start on achieving his current success, while also focusing his studies towards a defined goal. Minick also runs a joint venture with Urgo called Sports Vision, which focuses on instilling virtue in young people through sports. During his talk, Minick spoke on how much he appreciated the Catholicism of Christendom, and how it impacted his growth in the classroom, in sports, and in his relationships, encouraging students to take full advantage of that facet while they are in college. Further, he talked about his journey to his current job, delving into how he developed his plan during college, and how what he learned at Christendom continues to drive how towards greater success today.

Watch the video below to hear how Urgo and Minick both followed their unique paths to their current entrepreneurial success.

Christendom’s “Life on Tap” events, hosted by the college’s career development office, give students the unique opportunity to learn how their liberal arts education can prepare them for any vocational calling after graduation, no matter how complex, by bringing back successful alumni from a variety of different fields to give talks and mentor students.

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