Hurricane Florence is projected to impact the East Coast of the United States over the coming days, with projections showing it posing a possible threat to the state of Virginia. Based on these projections, Christendom College is taking the necessary steps to prepare for the situation.

The Carolinas are projected to be hit first by Hurricane Florence on Thursday, with the storm beginning to impact Virginia soon after that. Strong winds, heavy rain, and flooding could pose potential problems to campus and the college’s staff will monitor the situation and provide updates about the storm to the college community as the situation progresses. The college has an existing plan in place for significant weather events such as a hurricane, and should be able to maintain normal campus operations in the event of a substantial storm. For continued updates, please refer to this page in the coming days.

Update #2: September 14

Director of student affairs Amanda Graf:

“The path of the hurricane has changed, and it now appears that we will not be impacted as severely as previously predicted, though we may still experience heavy rain and winds at times. Classes, activities, and normal campus operations will continue as scheduled on Friday and throughout the weekend.

While we’re relieved by this change of events, it is still a good idea to review the inclement weather procedures in Section IV of the Student Handbook. If you haven’t already, make sure you are signed up for Christendom Alerts to receive text messages from the College during an emergency. The campus Emergency Operations Team will continue to monitor the hurricane and let you know via the alert system, the website, and social media if anything changes.

Please continue to pray for those in coastal areas who will be impacted by the hurricane, especially the ill, elderly, and poor who are most vulnerable in these situations.”

Update #1: September 11

Director of student affairs Amanda Graf sent this update to the campus community earlier today, September 11, in regards to the approaching storm:

Director of student affairs Amanda Graf:

“Members of the college community,

If you’ve glanced at the news today, you know there’s a powerful hurricane scheduled to make landfall in North or South Carolina in the next few days. Here in Virginia we can expect to see heavy rain and strong winds at times. We have an excellent plan in place for significant weather events such as this, and we should be able to maintain normal campus operations (e.g. food, shelter, etc.) in the event of a substantial storm.

That being said, if the storm does hit us with any real force, we want each of you to know the basic guidelines for staying safe. Please familiarize yourself with the inclement weather procedures found on pg. 6 of your Student Handbook. In the case of heavy rain, do not drive through large pools of standing water. We live on a very wooded campus, so there is a real chance that there would be falling branches in high winds. In that case stay inside and away from windows. In the event of a power outage, do not light candles or use any kind of open flame.

If you have any questions, ask your RA, or residence directors Tim Cook and Alexandra Skuba. It’s always possible that we won’t see much rain or winds at all, but it doesn’t hurt to say a prayer and be prepared.”

For the most up to date information, please sign up for Christendom Alerts to receive notifications by text.

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