From the moment students step foot on Christendom’s campus, they are beginning a journey toward discovering their vocation and achieving success in it. One of the ways that the college helps prepare students for this success is through offering the Life Skills Workshop series, giving students the chance to get a leg up on their peers by learning time management, professionalism, note-taking, and more.

Some of the workshops have been offered in years past, but this year, all four of the workshops are being integrated into the college’s unique Education for a Lifetime Program (ELP). Taught by various members of the college community, these essential workshops help freshmen begin their academic and professional careers in the right manner.

This month, students will be able to attend workshops on a variety of topics. English professor Sharon Hickson is giving workshops on paper writing, while academic success coach Maribeth Kelly is giving workshops on note-taking, study skills, and learning styles. Director of career development Kristin Stephens will take on two different workshops as well, with one focusing on time management strategies and the other focusing on how to present yourself appropriately as a college student and a growing young professional.

“The life skills workshops provide the students with skills needed in the classroom and beyond,” says Stephens. “The sessions will help them be better students while here at Christendom and better professionals when they begin working after graduation.”

Stephens believes the workshops are already having a positive effect on students, and looks forward to assisting even more students through them in the future.

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