Christendom students come to the college with a single purpose in mind: to eventually leave the school, armed with the education and tools necessary to find success in any vocational calling. Two alumni returned to campus this week to mentor students on how they utilized their Christendom education to find success in the fields of finance and accounting — Arthur Dhanagom and Kate Leonard, in the second Life on Tap alumni networking event of the fall.

Dhanagom ‘06, who is currently the business manager for Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Annandale, Virginia, spoke on how he originally did not want to come to Christendom, but instead, he had planned on going to a state school and getting a “useful” degree. After a few weeks at Christendom, he realized that the college was exactly where he needed to be, as it formed him both in and outside the classroom to think logically and objectively. After college, Dhanagom first moved to Georgia where he worked in the IT field, before returning to the D.C. area to take a job as a bookkeeper at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. While there, he discovered that the world of finance and accounting appealed to him, and he enrolled in graduate school to earn his Master’s in business.

During his talk, Dhanagom focused on encouraging the students to hone in and finesse their habits of thinking while at Christendom, while also practicing being professional and taking advantage of everything the college has to offer. By getting the head start on learning these skills, he believes that students can find success in both accounting and any field – whether they are great at math or not.

Similar to Dhanagom, Leonard ’02 did not originally want to attend Christendom, or any Catholic school. Eventually, with the encouragement of her parents, she decided to go, and ended up falling in love with the education and the culture at Christendom. In between academic years, Leonard worked as a bookkeeper, helping to pay for her education. Thisexperience, in addition to her education and some help and mentorship from some Christendom alumni, got her a job inthe insurance industry after graduation, where she eventually worked in the accounting department. She found that the communication skills she learned at Christendom were key to finding success in the field, both orally and with the written word, eventually leading her to start her own accounting business. The ability to communicate clearly and succinctly makes the Christendom education perfect for finding success in accounting, said Leonard. She concluded by telling students to focus on networking while they are still in school, taking advantage of the extensive Christendom alumni network.

Watch the video below to hear how Dhanagom and Leonard both followed their unique paths to their current success.

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