Christendom’s liberal arts education is not for the faint of heart, but is instead for those seeking the academic challenge and faith formation they will need to become high-impact leaders. The rigor of the classroom, starting from the core curriculum and culminating in one’s chosen major, is an ideal springboard for students seeking to enter various graduate programs following their time at Christendom, with many, indeed, taking that path. 2018 graduate Madeleine Post is the latest to follow that path all the way to the University of Notre Dame, after being named one of their four Echo Holy Cross Fellows.

Post, a native of Philadelphia, earned her bachelor’s in philosophy from Christendom. Her coursework consistently inspired her to dig deeper into her studies, leading her to join various academic clubs on campus. As a member of the Political Science Department’s Cincinnatus League, Post engaged with other students and political science faculty to discuss the thought of various political theorists and philosophers, such as Alasdair MacIntyre, Leon Kass, and James. V. Schall, S.J. Her passion for philosophy, along with her aptitude for Latin and writing, equipped her to become an academic mentor as well, a role she held for three years at the college.

These experiences, as a student in the classroom and as a mentor outside of it, provided Post with a goal: to continue her studies in humanities while serving others through teaching.

During her senior year, Post found the perfect outlet for these goals: the Notre Dame Echo Program.

“I had hoped to become a leader in urban education, and during my senior year, I received several offers to begin coursework and residencies in the urban education field,” says Post. “One of Christendom’s English literature professors, Dr. Ben Reinhard, recommended I apply to the Notre Dame Echo program: a graduate service program where I could begin coursework toward an M.A. in Theology while taking on challenging fieldwork on the front lines of Catholic urban education. Through Echo, I am now able to study the Christian tradition while serving as a high school theology teacher in an urban Catholic school. I believe my strong liberal arts background and strong desire to work for justice in education most qualified me in Echo’s choice to nominate me for the Echo Holy Cross Fellowship.”

Following the rigorous application process, Post was named one of Echo’s four Holy Cross Fellows. As a Holy Cross Fellow, Post will attend conferences on liberal arts, urban education, and theology. Throughout the duration of the two-year graduate program, Post will also live in a community of other students, engaging in intellectual, human, and spiritual formation during her two years of study and fieldwork.

“I believe the most effective way to attain justice in education will involve curricula and praxis rooted in an authentically Catholic imagination,” concludes Post.

The Church needs well-educated, faithful leaders, now more than ever. With her undergraduate education in hand and her post-graduate education ahead, Post is confident that she is on the right path, going out to “restore all things in Christ” and living up to the mission of Christendom in the process.

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