Christendom’s home Diocese of Arlington releases a poster each year, featuring that year’s seminarians. For members of the Christendom community, the poster is always a chance to see familiar faces, with alumni seminarians featured year after year. 2018-19 is no different, with Christendom alumni now making up 17% of the seminarians in the Diocese of Arlington.

Top left to right, Rev. Mr. Nicholas Blank, Philip Briggs, Jonathan Fioramonti, John Paul Heisler; bottom left to right, Peter McShurley, Joe Flaherty, Andrew Clark, Joseph Townsend.

Following the ordination of alumnus Fr. Christopher Tipton to the priesthood this summer, eight Christendom alumni are now studying for the priesthood in the Diocese. Rev. Mr. Nicholas Blank ’13 was ordained a deacon this past summer and will soon join Fr. Tipton as a priest. The other seven, Joseph Flaherty, Philip Briggs, Jonathan Fioramonti, John Paul Heisler, Peter McShurley, Joseph Townsend, and Andrew Clark, are in various stages of their studies, with two, Townsend and McShurley, studying at the North American College in Rome.

Since Christendom’s founding, the college has helped foster vocations to the religious life, with many even staying in the Diocese of Arlington. Sixteen alumni are currently priests in the Diocese, serving as pastors, parochial vicars, and chaplains, giving back generously to the community that helped birth Christendom in the first place. The Christendom alumni priests are: Fr. Matthew Zuberbueler, Fr. Kevin Walsh, Fr. Michael Taylor, Fr. Francis Peffley, Fr. Carroll Oubre, Fr. Joseph Farrell, Fr. Bjorn Lundberg, Fr. Stephen McGraw, Fr. Joseph Kenna, Fr. John Heisler, Fr. Denis Donahue, Fr. Kevin Beres, Fr. Thomas Vander Woude, Fr. Noah Morey, Fr. Vincent Bork, and Fr. Christopher Tipton.

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