Homeschooling families got the opportunity to see why Christendom is a great fit for them at the college’s inaugural Homeschool Visit Day, held on October 26 on the college’s Front Royal, Virginia, campus. From hearing talks from the admissions team and from noted speaker and author John Clark to attending classes, students and their families saw first-hand why Christendom is an attractive option for homeschooled students.

“It was a pleasure to welcome so many interested students and their families to campus for our first Homeschool Visit Day,” says director of admissions Sam Phillips. “Christendom has proven to be a great fit for homeschooled students over the years, with approximately 60% of our students and 5 of our past 6 valedictorians coming from a homeschool background. Getting to walk our campus, attend classes, hear presentations on our Catholic liberal arts curriculum and numerous leadership opportunities, and meet our students and faculty hopefully gave these families a chance to see why so many homeschooling families have selected Christendom to bring to completion the important education begun at home. We hope to see these students on campus again as freshmen.”

Christendom typically hosts four Open House events during the year — events that are exceedingly popular, year after year. When looking at the number of families signing up for the many Open Houses, the admissions office noted a large amount of homeschooling families, resulting in the idea to host a specific event dedicated entirely to them. The idea proved to be a good one, with families quickly signing up to attend the first-ever event.

Students and their families spent the day learning about the easy transition process Christendom students experience going from the home to the Christendom classroom. John Clark, an author, speaker, and homeschooling father gave insights into why he thinks Christendom is a great college choice for homeschoolers, turning to his own experience as both an alumnus and as a father of students who attend.

“What Christendom inspires is desire,” said Clark. “The desire for good, the desire for happiness, the desire for God. The truth is, I have known men and women who couldn’t have cared less about their faith when they came to Christendom, but by the time they graduated, they couldn’t have cared more.”

Christendom’s admissions team recognizes that the homeschooled experience can be somewhat different from the traditional school experience, so the transition into college can seem difficult. This unique day sought to expel that idea, showing families that their children can excel both at Christendom and after Christendom.

Christendom still has one more Open House scheduled for this fall on Veterans Day, November 12. If interested in finding out more and if Christendom is right for you, please register today.

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