Christendom faculty will speak on the virtue of faith, the rise of the Celtic people, and more for the Institute of Catholic Culture this fall. Held in locations across Virginia and online, these talks will be open to the public.

Christendom has enjoyed a close relationship with the Institute of Catholic Culture over the years, with faculty frequently delivering talks for the institute. Founded by alumnus Fr. Hezekias Carnazzo, the institute provides talks on a variety of Catholic issues throughout the year, with all of these talks made available online for people across the globe.

The philosophy department’s Dr. John Cuddeback is delivering two talks this fall, with the first coming as a live webinar on Tuesday, November 6. This talk will be on Plato’s Republic, showing how his ancient wisdom can be applied in the modern world. Those interested must register online at www.instituteofcatholicculture.org/events. Cuddeback’s second talk, “De Fidei: A Study of the Theological Virtue of Faith,” will be delivered on Sunday, November 11, at 6:00 p.m. at St. Agnes Church Hall in Arlington, Virginia.

Dr. Brendan McGuire of Christendom’s history department will deliver a live webinar titled “Out of the Mist: The Rise of the Ancient Celtic People,” on Tuesday, November 27, at 8:00 p.m. Like the Cuddeback lecture, those interested must register in advance at www.instituteofcatholicculture.org/events.

Finally, college president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell will deliver at talk titled “In the Fullness of Time: Discovering God’s Plan for the Incarnation,” on Saturday, December 8 — a perfect talk during the season of Advent. The talk will be delivered at Sacred Heart Church in Winchester, Virginia, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

For more information on all of these events and to see past talks, please visit instituteofcatholicculture.org.

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