Sports seasons can be a grind, as athletes give their all to try and help their teams succeed day in and day out. At Christendom, the athletic department is seeking to make these seasons as easy as possible on students’ bodies, resulting in a new partnership with Performance Sport and Spine — a team of sports physicians committed to helping Christendom athletes avoid injuries as much as possible, making them that much more of a force on the field, the court, and in the classroom.

Dr. Jeremy Busch helps student-athletes stay healthy during the season.

The college first began working with Performance a few years ago, with the team, led by Dr. Jeremy Busch, assisting the school’s rugby team. That connection eventually led to full services offered for all of the college’s athletic teams, now making Busch’s team the head physicians for Christendom athletics in 2018. Joining with Christendom has been a joy so far for Busch, due to the passion of the student-athletes.

“The reason we have the passion to come here and assist is the same reason that makes working for the Olympics fun: the athletes are playing for the right reason, to compete,” says Busch, who also works with the U.S. Olympic team and the PGA Tour.

This fall, Busch’s team was involved in the design of the various sports programs, assisting with conditioning and more. As the seasons have gone along, they have been there on the sidelines for all home games, ready to provide concussion assistance if needed and to treat meniscus, shoulder, and knee injuries.

Busch’s team is there for athletes throughout the season, from practices to standing on the sidelines during games.

Busch has sought thus far to teach every athlete to respect their injuries, allowing them to recover from them that much faster. He has even more planned, as he seeks to teach them more about performance and the preventative side of injuries, with the goal of seeing the amount of injuries sustained drop year after year.

“We’re the halfway point for these athletes to keep remaining healthy,” says Busch.

Christendom’s athletes bring the same drive to the field that they do to the classroom: the drive to give their all, no matter what. Thanks to Busch’s team, they will be enabled to do that even more, as they train better, stay healthy, and continue serving as leaders both on campus and off.

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