Christendom College students, faculty and staff will prayerfully protest the evils of abortion at the college’s semesterly Mega Shield event this Saturday, November 17. The college community will travel from campus to an abortion clinic in Falls Church, Virginia, where they will say rosaries, offer sidewalk counseling, and be a powerful witness to the pro-life cause.

Mega Shield is an extension of the college’s student-run Shield of Roses pro-life group, which travels into the metro D.C. area every Saturday during the academic year to offer prayerful protest. Mega Shield is an opportunity for the entire college community to come together for this pro-life cause, with hundreds often traveling together for the event every fall and spring.

Shield of Roses is the college’s oldest student organization, with the group traveling to abortion clinics across D.C. since the college’s founding. Over the years, two of the clinics protested at by Christendom students have eventually closed down, including one on 16th street in D.C. and one in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Christendom is known for its staunch pro-life advocacy, with the college closing down every January so that the entire community can attend the annual March for Life in D.C. Christendom has even been asked to lead the March on four different occasions — the only school to be given such an honor.

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