During ESPN’s broadcast of the 2018 NSCRO 7s National Championship semifinals, the play-by-play commentator enthusiastically exclaimed “look at the little man with the big try!” at one point, as a Christendom player dove into the try zone. That little man was Vincent Duhig, a sophomore and rugby star who led Christendom in points scored for 2017-18 — as a freshman.

Duhig, one of seven adopted filipino children of alumna Diane Duhig ’85 and her husband, Steven, doesn’t just score big tries in big games for Christendom—he is also a commissioned artist, with his portraits being bought by alumni of the college. Duhig did not go to art school and did not choose to pursue it as a degree in college (though his talents would certainly warrant it). Instead, Duhig is studying the liberal arts at Christendom, expanding his mind while still giving him the time to work on his art.

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This past spring, Duhig posted a picture of a sketch he was working on of Christendom founder Dr.  Warren Carroll on his Facebook page, catching the eye of various faculty and staff. The work wowed them, and the college bought the artwork upon its completion. Now it will be displayed for all to see for years to come, giving Duhig an impressive legacy at the college. The “little man with the big try” scores again.

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