Fighting for the pro-life cause is not something that happens once a year at the March for Life — rather, it is a cause that is fought for daily, evidenced by the large group of Christendom students and faculty that prayed outside a Falls Church abortion clinic this past Saturday as part of the college’s annual Mega Shield event.

Students got out of bed early on Saturday morning and drove an hour to Falls Church, kneeling outside the abortion clinic there for hours. While there, they prayed numerous rosaries and sang hymns, bearing an important witness to the pro-life cause. The bravery of these students was inspiring to student Sarah Papp, who organizes Christendom’s pro-life group Shield of Roses.

“Mega Shield doesn’t have the excitement of a larger-scale event such as the March for Life, so it says a lot about the pro-life cause that so many students find it worth it to get up early during the middle of one of the busiest times of the semester to stand outside in the cold and pray for a greater respect for life in society,” says Papp. “It’s important to continue having Mega Shield year after year because it is easy to do something once, but consistency sends the message that the cause is important, that there are people who are not backing down in fighting for it, and there truly is hope for a drastic change.”

Mega Shield happens once a semester during the academic year, as a way of bringing the greater Christendom community together for the pro-life cause. While Mega Shield only happens once a semester, Shield of Roses travels out to the same abortion clinic every Saturday morning during the academic year, with 10-20 students going each week to prayerfully protest. Since the group’s founding, they have achieved success, with two abortion clinics prayed at by Shield of Roses shutting down over the years.

The pro-life cause is as alive as it ever has been, with Christendom students leading the rallying cry for change in this country. Events like Mega Shield give hope for such a change to occur, making its significance more important than ever.

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