Christendom students are returning to the national academic spotlight this week, with close to 30 of them participating in the Classical Association of the Middle West and South’s national Latin translation contest. Following in the footsteps of past winning classes, the students will spend an hour working on the test, showcasing their exceptional language skills learned in Christendom’s classrooms.

Students have been participating in the contest for years, with classics department head Dr. Andrew Beer overseeing the contest participation over the past five years. Under his guidance, Christendom students have placed highly each year, including in the top 2% of all participants at the intermediate level in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Christendom sends one of the largest contingents to the contest each year, with students competing against students from the University of Georgia, the University of Texas, Hillsdale College, Ave Maria University, and Baylor University — often placing above these students. While Christendom has fielded a Top 5 winner in 4 of the past 5 years, the school has also seen students place in the Top 30 as well, with these students winning certificates of commendation for their work.

Christendom features one of the most rigorous classics programs in the country, with students increasing their knowledge of Graeco-Roman civilization through a study of its literature and history while also developing their grammatical, lexical, and rhetorical command of Greek, Latin, and/or Hebrew. Students at Christendom are required to take one year of elementary and one year of intermediate language studies, with many choosing to study Latin. If students wish, they can delve even deeper into the language after these courses are complete, with many of these students competing — and placing highly — in the annual national Latin contest.

Results from the contest will be posted on camws.org in the spring.

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