Benefactors, alumni, and the board of directors gathered on Christendom’s campus on December 7 for a special occasion: to celebrate the successful completion of the college’s $40 million Campaign for Christendom. Select board members were also honored for their service to the college at the celebration, with college president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell calling the moment a great milestone for Christendom.

O’Donnell with the cornerstone for the new Christ the King Chapel, blessed by Pope Benedict XVI.

“Tonight, we are truly celebrating a great milestone and a tremendous victory,” said O’Donnell. “Thanks to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, thanks to His Blessed Mother, this victory belongs to each and every one of you. The victory stands as a great sign of hope for all of us, during these troubled times in our Church and in our nation. Due to your generosity, Christendom College is continuing to thrive as a force for faith and a catalyst for change as we continue to seek to restore all things in Christ.”

The A Call to Greatness: The Campaign for Christendom was the most ambitious campaign in the college’s history, with all funds raised going toward the college’s new Christ the King Chapel, the endowment, and the annual fund. Over 11,000 generous benefactors helped the college not only meet its campaign goal of $40 million but exceed it by another $5 million. 100% of the college’s board, staff, and faculty also contributed to the campaign, which will help Christendom continue to offer its time-tested, authentically Catholic liberal arts education for years to come.

One of the new bells for the new Chapel being blessed by chaplain Fr. Marcus Pollard.

The campaign victory celebration marked the first time that the entire board, benefactors, staff, and faculty were able to gather together since the college declared victory on the campaign back in October. Benefactors and the board toured campus during the day, meeting with students, sitting in on classes, and experiencing what their generous financial sacrifice is allowing to flourish on campus.

That evening, bells that will be placed in the bell towers of the new Christ the King Chapel were blessed by chaplain Fr. Marcus Pollard, giving all present a taste of the joyful noise that will emanate from the Chapel upon its completion. Following the blessing, all present gathered for a special dinner, where awards were also given out to select board members for their tremendous service to Christendom.

Christendom has much to look forward to in the coming years, all thanks to the generosity of a group of devoted benefactors — some of whom have never even visited Christendom but believe in the mission so strongly that they give abundantly to it. As 2018 comes to a close, the entire Christendom community can look back in gratitude on a year where the college celebrated not only its 40th anniversary, but the promise of an even brighter future to come.

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