Christendom College is cancelling classes on Friday, January 18, in order for the entire college community to attend the 46th annual March for Life in nearby Washington, D.C. Christendom students will join thousands of others in the Nation’s Capital for the event, ready to prayerfully protest the evils of abortion and rally for a return to a respect for life in the United States.

Christendom is one of only two Catholic colleges that is also a sponsor of the March for Life, giving back to help make the March the great success it is, year after year. The college has cancelled classes every year since its founding to join in the March — one of the only colleges in the nation to annually do so. On January 18, the college community will again make the trek up to D.C., praying rosaries, singing hymns, and joining in the enthusiasm for life that makes the March a highlight for students every single year.

The March for Life brings together thousands from across the country to protest Roe v. Wade, the infamous Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion across the United States. Christendom has stood at the forefront of these protests year after year, even leading the March on four separate occasions in 1984, 1998, 2009, and 2012 — the only college to be given this honor so many times.

While Christendom attends the March every year, it is far from the only time that students take part in the pro-life cause. Every Saturday during the academic year, the student group Shield of Roses drives into Northern Virginia to prayerfully protest at an abortion clinic. The group is the college’s oldest, and two abortion clinics prayed at by students have closed down over the years.

Join Christendom at the March for Life this year and find out more info at marchforlife.org.

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