Registration for the 2019 Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship Competition opens this coming Tuesday, January 15. The annual event, which brings together the best and brightest applicants to Christendom from across the United States and beyond, will be held this year on Saturday, March 16.

Christendom has been offering the Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship for years now, expanding the amount of full-tuition scholarships obtainable to three last year and adding 5 runners-up scholarships of $5,000 as well. The full-tuition scholarship is a four-year, renewable academic scholarship, making it one of the most sought-after at the college.

“We welcomed about 60 students to campus last year for the competition and we expect to similar if not higher numbers this year,” says director of admissions Sam Phillips. “Meeting these passionate, highly driven, intelligent, and talented students from all across the country–so eager for the challenge of Christendom’s time-tested education is inspiring, and also makes the decision process so difficult as well. We look forward to welcoming students and their families for another great competition event.”

The Padre Pio scholarship gives the very best students the opportunity to receive an authentic, time-tested, Catholic liberal arts education for only the cost of room, board, and fees. Students who have already applied for the fall of 2019 as first-time freshmen and meet the eligibility requirements are invited to apply for the competition and, if selected, attend the on-campus competition in March.

At the competition, participants will interview with a scholarship committee panel and write an essay based on a prompt given on the competition day. In addition to the competition, students and their families will be able to hear talks from college president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell and others, before attending Christendom’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities — one of the biggest and most popular on-campus events each year, and the perfect opportunity to get a taste of Christendom’s vibrant culture.

For more information, please visit Christendom’s website.

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