From writing papers in the classroom to articles for on-campus magazines, Christendom students often leave college as excellent writers, armed with the tools to succeed as journalists, authors, and researchers.

For some, however, the jump into a writing career happens even sooner — such as in the case of freshman Lilliana Johnson. Her first article, discussing the importance of a new college admissions test, is already gaining attention in The Imaginative Conservative, launching her into the world of journalism before she even finishes her first year of college.

Only just entering her second semester, Johnson loves to read and write — a skill that is already invaluable to her success in the classroom. Christendom’s classes require many papers to be written, challenging students to develop arguments and present them effectively and eloquently in all the fields of the liberal arts.

Johnson is taking the skills learned from one semester of college and applying them to her first article, titled “A New Standard, Timeless Truths.” In it, she offers a counterpoint to the idea that the liberal arts are declining due to an emphasis on career readiness in higher education. She believes that there is an underlying factor: the college admissions test.

“Regardless of the values of students, school faculty, or state legislators, the tests required by college admissions dictate what is studied in the classroom,” writes Johnson. “They set the bar. For this reason, educator Jeremy Tate and entrepreneur David Wagner created the Classic Learning Test (CLT). The content of the CLT, drawn from time-tested thinkers and writers, prompts students to delve into the great works of Western Civilization, unifying rather than isolating college preparation and quality education.”

Johnson is not writing empty words. She believes so strongly in the value of the liberal arts, both in standardized testing and in college education, that she chose Christendom above any other college. She sees the education at the school as crucial to her life goals.

“I have a desire to contribute to the revival of the great works of Western Civilization in our culture, and to bring others to truth through writing, and Christendom provides exactly the kind of rigorous, well-ordered academic and extra-curricular life that I have sought in order to be strengthened for this object,” says Johnson.

Read her entire article in The Imaginative Conservative here.

Christendom proudly accepts the CLT and was one of the first 10 schools to adopt it. Christendom offers academic scholarships to students with qualifying CLT scores. Find out more here.

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