With Christendom continuing to expand its music minor offerings, a new scholarship opportunity is now available for incoming students for the 2019-20 academic year: the Benedict XVI Organ Scholarship. The renewable scholarship will be awarded to applicants who meet the requirements of the scholarship, earning them tuition reduction, organ lessons throughout the year, and the opportunity to become the principal organist for the new 46 rank pipe organ to be featured in the college’s new Chapel of Christ the King.

Christendom’s music minor attracts interested students each year who wish to expand their skills and knowledge of liturgical music. With the new pipe organ on its way, the minor is being expanded to include a special emphasis on pipe organ studies, which will be of great interest to the Benedict XVI scholarship awardees.

The scholarship was created by college choir director Dr. Kurt Poterack, who has been involved in the selection and building of the college’s new pipe organ since its inception. As director of the scholarship, Poterack will guide awardees in becoming expert organists, expanding their repertoire as they serve the entire college community in the process.

The winners will also be among the first to play the new organ in the new Christ the King Chapel.

Tentatively, there will be four scholarships available for 2019-20. The first will be for the principal organist position, which will also include $5000 in tuition reduction and organ lessons throughout the year.   The organist holding this position will play at the Sunday Masses. The second scholarship will be for the assistant organist position and will include $3000 in tuition reduction and lessons throughout the year. This organist will play at weekday Masses. Finally, two $1000 scholarships will be offered to promising beginners along with lessons throughout the year. All of the scholarships, which are potentially renewable every year, will be awarded at the discretion of the panel of judges and the amounts are subject to change.

Interested candidates must possess a required set of skills, according to Poterack, and must have already completed their application for general admission. In addition, they must pass an audition and must enroll in and complete a music degree program at Christendom. The best candidates will be invited to campus to give a live audition.

Winners will learn and perform on the organ in Christendom’s Christ the King Chapel and, if they meet the requirements for the scholarship to be renewed, will be among the first to play the new organ in the new Christ the King Chapel when it is built.

To find out more about the new scholarship, please visit christendom.edu.

To find out more about the new pipe organ, please visit here.

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