One of the biggest problems in the Church today is the amount of people who are uneducated in the truths of the Faith and, as a result, walk away from it. Christendom’s graduate school of theology is helping to change this mindset by providing a top-notch education in the Faith that is based on Magisterial teachings and the traditions of the Church.  After earning a certificate or a Master of Arts degree from Christendom, the alumni are able to solidly defend the teachings of the Church due to their thoroughly Catholic education.

Alumna Nancy Rowland.

Through its focus on the primary sources of the Catholic Faith, the graduate school enables students to learn from the masters of Catholic thought. Focusing on Sacred Scripture, Magisterial teaching, the Church Fathers and St. Thomas Aquinas gives students direct contact with these masters, enabling them to be shaped intellectually and spiritually by the great minds in Church history.

Nancy Rowland, an alumna of the graduate school was deeply impressed with her educational experience at the graduate school.

“I was learning a huge amount in every class. I felt confident that what I was learning was faithful to the Magisterium and so I felt well-grounded in Church teaching,” she says.

Alumnus Michael Lofton says that the firm foundation in tradition which Christendom offered was a deciding factor in his decision to attend the graduate school.

Alumnus Michael Lofton.

“I decided on the Christendom graduate school over others because the professors at Christendom are well-known for their orthodoxy,” he says, “as can be seen in many of the lectures they have conducted at the Institute of Catholic Culture. I also enjoyed the orthodoxy of the course content and the focus on Thomas Aquinas in all of the courses.”

Not only does this education provide intellectual and spiritual formation, it also equips students to become living vessels of the faith, bringing their knowledge to others and delving into further studies.

According to Rowland,“It was only after graduation, when I started taking classes at the Dominican House of Studies, that I began to realize just how well grounded and well prepared I was for further study. I can’t praise the grad school enough for giving me such deep and broad learning with my MA.”

“The degree has benefited me not only in my personal life, as it has helped me work through many theological difficulties, but it also has given me a good basis to provide religious education,” attests Lofton.

Christendom’s graduate school has been recognized by the Holy See for its adherence to tradition and is authorized by the Holy See to grant the Apostolic Catechetical diploma, which is the highest ecclesial award in catechetics.

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Contributed by Nuala Kelly (’19)

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