At the heart of the New Evangelization are the educators who form the minds of their students to know the truth, to understand reality, and to be disciples of Christ. The role educators play in the lives of others and in evangelization requires the educators themselves to be formed spiritually and intellectually; to be steeped in truth and tradition.

Christendom’s graduate school is a top choice amongst many Catholic teachers, catechists, and DRE’s precisely because it provides this formation for the whole person.

The graduate school’s focus on the traditions of the Church, the Church Fathers, and the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas bring students in direct contact with the roots of the Church. The education enables graduate students to truly grow intellectually and spiritually in order to share this knowledge with others, especially when it comes to education.

This spiritual and intellectual growth is what Camila Malta, an alumna of the graduate school, attributes to her ability to teach the faith.

“I changed while attending grad school,” she says. “I wasn’t merely instructed; I was truly formed.”

This true formation of the person enables Malta to spread the Gospel by teaching RCIA at her parish and at the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation. Her education at the graduate school has helped her to educate her students with a formation that seeks to answer deeper questions and form disciples for Christ.

Similarly, Rev. Vincent Hulot chose Christendom’s graduate school when looking for a master’s program which would equip him to teach at Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma. He found that the Christendom graduate school provided an education which is relevant to the issues of today and would enable him to contribute to the growing needs of the monastery.

“It is just what we need to respond to the real questions,” Fr. Hulot said. The education offered at Christendom’s graduate school was “just the solid teaching of the Catholic Church,” he asserts. “I find this very inspiring.” Fr. Hulot teaches Patristics and Holy Scripture at the Abbey.

In addition, the graduate school offers an online Master Catechist program and diaconate formation in the Diocese of Arlington, in order to serve the Church and provide a foundational education to those who answer the call to teach in the diocese.

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Contributed by author Nuala Kelly (’19).

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