The Christendom Crusaders will take aim at their next National Championship run this weekend as they compete in Lexington, Virginia, at the Washington & Lee’s Generals 7’s Qualifier Tournament. Playing Duke University and UNC Greensboro, the Crusaders will fight for their third straight NSCRO 7s National Championship berth.

Credit to Raleigh Rugby Club.

The Crusaders, already set to play for the NSCRO 15s National Championship in New York this April, are switching gears this weekend to focus on 7s competitive rugby. 7s has proven to be highly successful for Christendom in the past, with the team winning the 2017 National Championship and making it to the Final Four in 2018. A regular rugby team normally fields 15 players per side, but in the case of a 7s game, only 7 players are on each side at any one time, making the game quicker and more about speed than bulk.

On Saturday, Christendom will play its first game of the tournament against UNC Greensboro at 10:20 a.m. UNCG is a Division II rugby team, participating in NSCRO’s Southern Conference. While their 15s performance was tough this past season, their 7s games have been better so far, making them a strong matchup for the Crusaders. At 11:40 a.m., Christendom will take on conference rival Duke University. Ranked #27 on NSCRO’s 2018 Coaches Poll, the Blue Devils will put up a strong fight, but Christendom has played well against Duke in the past.

Christendom, ranked #1 in NSCRO for 2018, is playing their best year of competitive rugby yet. For more information on stats and results, visit christendomathletics.com.

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