Sister Joseph Andrew, O.P., vocations director for the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, inspired the women of campus to greater holiness with a recent talk on “Feminine Holiness and Wholeness.” Sister Joseph Andrew also took time to meet individually with students during her time on campus.

Sister Joseph Andrew, O.P., is one of the founders of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She made the trip across the country in order to spend time with Christendom’s students, who packed the college’s St. Kilian’s Café for her talk. She spoke at length on how to grow in holiness, including how to use intuition properly to help others.

“Intuition is a real gift of God,” said Sister Joseph Andrew during her talk. “We can certainly still be wrong. The trick for us women is to watch our motives, to have a purity of intention. If we come at it believing the good of everybody, not with a bias so to speak, we will pick up correct vibes and be able to help others.”

Students raved about her talk, staying long afterwards to speak with her personally.

Christendom is blessed to welcome members of the religious life to campus throughout the year, who take time to speak with students and inspire them to greater holiness. Many students have even gone into the religious life after graduation, including close to 90 priests, over 50 sisters, and more.

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