Christendom’s long journey to the NSCRO 15s Rugby National Championship will come to its conclusion in Loudonville, New York, over the April 26-28 weekend, as the Crusaders compete for the final prize, as one of the final four teams, at Siena College, aiming to bring another National Championship home to Front Royal.

While Christendom won the NSCRO 7s National Championship in 2016, it has never won a 15s National Championship. 15s rugby games are much longer than 7s games (40-minute halves instead of 7-minute halves) and involve a full team of 15 players. The games are more about strategy, rather than speed, and are normally lower scoring than a 7s game.

Christendom earned a trip to the 15s playoffs in 2017 but quickly fell out of the running. This year, the story was far different, with Christendom burning through the Mid-South Qualifier before crushing the opposition in the Mid-Atlantic South Regional Championship in December, defeating Loyola University and the Catholic University of America along the way.

Now, they will travel to New York to play the best NSCRO rugby teams in the nation. On Friday, April 26, Christendom will start their National Championship run by taking on Endicott College, the Northeast Regional Championship winners. Endicott was the #2 team in the nation for 2018-19, only trailing Christendom, making the first match-up one of the toughest.

If they make it through the semifinal round, they will play either St. John’s University or The Claremont Colleges on Sunday, April 28.

The Crusaders will also compete once again for the NSCRO 7s National Championship this June. Help Christendom make its way to both National Championships by donating today at https://www.christendom.edu/gift/donation-page-athletics/. Please write “Rugby Nationals Donation” in the comment box.

For more information, please visit christendomathletics.com.

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