Play Producer, Yearbook Editor, Softball Star: Senior Leaves Packed Legacy

May 3, 2019

Academics. Athletics. Theater. Mission Trips. Christendom offers students a diverse selection of ways to grow both on campus and off, resulting in a rich four years. For most students, they only take on one or two things outside of classes. Graduating senior Nicole Feldman is not like most students, however. From majoring in history and minoring in English language and literature to managing the student theater group, all while also playing varsity softball and holding an on-campus job, Feldman did almost everything a student can do at Christendom, leaving a more fully-formed person as a result.

Feldman, a Maryland native, was first drawn to Christendom due to the community. Christendom’s vibrantly Catholic culture and intentionally smaller size results in a family atmosphere, where students, faculty, and staff alike are all striving toward the same ultimate goal. Feldman recognized that early on and jumped at every opportunity the community threw her way.

“The Christendom community is what drew me to this college in the first place,” says Feldman. “I am so blessed that I am walking away knowing I have done everything in my power to take advantage of my time here.”

Starting her freshman year, Feldman dove into three extracurriculars that would continue throughout the rest of her time in college. The first: joining the Christendom Players. The college’s student theatrical group, the Players perform two shows a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Feldman joined the backstage crew, helping with set construction and more. Her sophomore year, she was approached to be the stage manager forThe Crucible, a role that would later evolve into becoming the president of the group and eventually the producer her senior year.

“Each show has been able to help me identify how I can best work to sustain the Christendom Players for the future,” says Feldman. “I have turned a lot of our processes into a digital format, organized and inventoried our warehouse, and now trained two assistants to take over when I leave. The Christendom Players provided me with the opportunity to take advantage of our small school system, to see changes that could be implemented, and to work toward that goal over the last four years.”

This spring, Feldman’s final production at Christendom hit the stage: Anything Goes, which involved an intricate set, large cast, and elaborate choreography. It was the culmination of four years of hard work, and a testament to how much one can accomplish at Christendom outside of the classroom.

If that was all Feldman did to assist the college, that would be enough. And yet, she took on even more. Her freshman year, she also joined the staff of the college’s newly-resurrected yearbook. Dormant for years, the college’s marketing department sought to bring back the yearbook with a team of dedicated students. Feldman, who had previous experience with yearbooks in high school, joined the team with two other freshmen, Maria Pogue and Sarah Ziegler, as section editors. Together, they came up with a new design, took pictures, created layouts, and more, all to great success and acclaim amongst the student body.

“Yearbooks are underappreciated in the moment; it is years down the road that I know students will be so thankful that they have a tangible book of memories from their years here,” says Feldman. “For me personally, it has given me a chance to improve my graphic design skills and learn more about the industry preparing me for my post-grad career path.”

Feldman took over as managing editor her sophomore and junior year and became student editor-in-chief, along with Pogue and Ziegler, for her senior year.

On the athletic field, Feldman continued her love of softball, joining the revised program her freshman year. While she missed playing her junior year due to studying in Rome, Feldman returned with a vengeance her senior year, leading the USCAA in runs batted in and slugging percentage, while also ranking #4 in home runs, #8 in triples, and #10 in batting average.

On spring breaks, Feldman traveled with Christendom to Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, helping the impoverished in both countries. On campus, she served on the student activities council, as a resident assistant, as an alumni and donor relations assistant, and as a college receptionist as well.

If there was a department at Christendom, Feldman likely did something with it during her four years. The number of things she took on sounds like a lot, but she would not have had it any other way.

“Being so involved gave me the chance to meet people and create memories with those not only in my class but also with the upperclassmen and underclassmen that I have gotten to know over the years,” says Feldman. “Some of my closest friends are not in my grade but friends I have met on the softball team, doing the plays, or being their RA. It’s so special to realize that I have become a better person because of what I got involved in here at the school and it truly shaped who I am.”

After graduation, Feldman will go on to work at Jonathan Nehmer and Associates, a hotel architecture and project management firm, as their communications and graphic design specialist. If her post-graduate life is anything like her current one, she will likely have a large impact there, making it a better place as a result.